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Creating the complete production picture since 2007

DataNow provides manufacturing and industrial businesses with key performance indicators such as speed, efficiency, downtime, overall effectiveness, quality, compliance, yield and many others.

By combining machine data with reasons and comments from staff, the DataNow platform shows you the complete production picture.

DataNow creates beautiful visuals matched to multiple situations, from the production floor through to the boardroom. This ensures that DataNow becomes a powerful communication tool in your business.

We provide Good Data, data everyone trusts and uses. You get Great Outcomes, increased profit from smooth running machines and teams.

Shift Monitoring
Our Shift Monitor solution measures equipment downtime and speed. It's essential for those serious about improving machine or process performance.
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General Monitoring
Our General Monitor solution measures temperature, pressure, flow, pH or just about anything else. It features trends, alerts, limits and multi-user collaboration.
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